Customized landing (splash) pages

WiFi Engager landing pages are crafted and design to get your visitor to take an action. Logging user information is a quick and efficient way to directly influence campaigns, get key insights, drive revenue and engage them.

We design the landing page for you with your brand, logo and opt-in options:

  • Social ID Login
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Join loyalty

Promote your brand, offer coupons, rewards and engage your customers.


List Builder

WiFi Engager automatically builds your list, every time a customer connects to your FREE WiFi their information is added to your list. WiFi Engager can capture data using Social log in, (like Facebook), Email, phone or a complete profile when a customer joins your loyalty program. The list can be segmented by the channel used. Our marketing platform EngageBuilder offers many powerful features to manage your list.

Email & Text campaigns

WiFi Engager & EngageBuilder takes communication to a higher level and inspires customers to dialogue with each other. Let customers share the message and take control of your brand. WiFi Engager includes  a powerful email marketing. Send on-demand campaigns, Schedule drip campaigns.

WiFi Engager also includes *SMS text Marketing, send or schedule a message to your subscribers, add URL links for engagement, coupons, surveys, and more.

Use them with Order-Ahead to confirm mobile orders, send text to drivers for delivery of items.

Simple, integrated and powerful.

(* must purchase credits)


Loyalty program

Offer rewards, check-in points, coupons.

WiFi Engager enhances the overall customer experience by combining digital and real-world experiences. Consumers want everything now and in all places in real time, including loyalty benefits, automatic points, rewards redemption, social loyalty, communication and even order-ahead.


Allow your loyal customers to order-ahead from their mobile device, track orders in real time, and send text confirmations. Serving options include, eat-in, pickup and delivery.

Include real time order tracking and customer check ins, This module is run from an external tablet or PC at your location.

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Ask key questions to drive your business forward, deliver email and/or text campaigns when survey is completed. Other features include: instant winner, link to loyalty program, segmentation by answers, group by answers, share in social media and more.

Videos & slide shows

Video is beyond entertainment.  It has become a critical component in business. Video is used to market and sell products, promote new ideas and share beliefs. WiFi Engager includes a powerful video player that allow YouTube videos to be play with up to two tap to action buttons.

WiFi engager also includes a slide show app that has the same affect as video.


Facebook Apps

EngageBuilder is an open canvas to create Facebook branded apps including order-ahead.

  • Capture social followers
  • Join loyalty program or database
  • Purchase your products
  • Create sweepstakes
  • Ask for insights

Once a customer joins your loyalty program or database via Facebook EngageBuilder personalizes the experience with communication and offers.


EngageBuilder analytics create value by displaying everything from open rates to sales.

  • Track list growth
  • Campaign results
  • Real-time check-ins
  • Survey answers
  • Mobile orders
  • Loyalty points and redeems
  • Page views
  • Channels used

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Extend your reach

Extend the WiFi Engager signal outside your location and engage users on the go. Offer specials, coupons and more.