Engagement in the clouds

When a customer connects to your FREE WiFi a welcome page appears asking them to enter their email, phone, connect with Facebook or join your loyalty program in exchange for FREE WiFi.

Depending on the channel used EngageBuilder send them a campaign via Email, text, displays the loyalty rewards, shows a welcome video and off course they are free to browse the web.

As customers return they can be ask to take a survey, order-ahead, track their loyalty points, redeem rewards and be wow by the engagement.

Basic engagement – not really but we call it basic


Promotion/ad engagement


Insights engagement


Loyalty Engagement


Here are some questions, you may ask:

How can I promote my business even before customers register? 

WiFi Engager displays a landing page promoting your business specials at soon as customers connect to the Free WiFi.

How can I increase my email list? 

WiFi Engager asks your customers to register with their email, to use your free WiFi. We recommend keeping it simple, such as an email, phone and/or Facebook account to offer customers a seamless WiFi onboarding. During registration, you can also seek permission to contact customers using email addresses or phone numbers they provide. With that opt-in permission, you are free to contact them with promotional messages, newsletters, and so forth

How can I get key insights (think & want)?

Our marketing platform EngageBuilder can deliver surveys to your customers while they are in your store, by email or text. Ask key store-related questions, find out what is on your customers’ minds and seek their opinion about the shopping experience.

How can I promote loyalty programs and trigger in-store rewards? 

EngageBuilder includes a loyalty program that records member’s visits, displays rewards, triggers loyalty points base on criteria to prevent more than one visit during 24-hour period. EngageBuilder can generate messages, coupons and other information sent to members via email or text.

Can my customers order via their mobile device?

EngageBuilder includes an order-ahead mobile ordering app that allows loyal customers to order ahead. The app works seamless with the loyalty program.

How can I promote new products and services?

EngageBuilder allows you to add videos and images to your landing page (splash) this is a great way to promote new products and services.

How can I boost social media presence?

With EngageBuilder social login you can gather customer demographic information, useful for identifying the target audience and building powerful social media marketing programs. You can also encourage your customers to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ your business, ‘Check-in’ to your location, and create posts on their own accounts.

WiFi Engager is much more than giving customers a free Internet connection while they visit, shop or drink coffee, is a strategic asset in building customer loyalty and satisfaction.


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