Zero Effort


According to Bain & Company, 60-80% of customers who feel satisfied with your business will not come back! Why? Because they can’t quite remember the details.

If there was a way to build engagement with your customers day-to-day would you do it?

Here Is how:

Step 1: Install WiFiEngager

What you need is a solution to effortlessly capture customer profiles. WiFiEngager provides FREE WiFi by capturing customer’s profiles and offers coupons and rewards in real time. WiFiEngager communicates and thanks the customer via email or text and reminds them of their visit.

Step 2: Identify your better customers

In real-time you can measure who is visiting for the first time, who is returning and who is redeeming coupons and rewards. WiFiEngager also offer mobile ordering, what this means is that your loyal customers can order-ahead at any time from the comfort of their home or office for pick up, eat in, or delivery.

Step 3: Stay in Touch

WiFiEngager automatically thanks the customer for their visit, via email and text.  You can reach back at any time with personalize emails and text; let them know of a new offer, service or product.

Congratulate them on their birthday, WiFiEngager automatically sends birthday reminders and a birthday cards with a gift to redeem by email.

Remember is all about the customer, they benefit and your business grows.

The good news

WiFiEngager runs in automatic pilot, it does not require any effort in your part but it gives you an incredible asset a precise customer list that’s growing organically every day.